The Best Netflix Shows For Your Teen To Watch


Ah, Netflix. It’s risen the ranks to become one of the most popular online streaming services you can find to date. This hasn’t happened by accident. Netflix offers some of the most intrinsically watchable television and movie programming that it’s possible to find from a streaming service. What’s more is that they are continually developing shows out of their own expense, and believe it or not, they are very, VERY good.

You’ve probably noticed your teenager glued to their phone or laptop in recent years. The technological age has brought with it many benefits, but it has also brought with it teenagers who can’t find any other form of recreation aside from watching YouTube video logs and texting their friends in a group chat.

As a parent, it behooves you to encourage your teenager to watch something with a little more substance, something that allows them to experience the world through their screen as opposed to their high school gossip. If you have a Netflix subscription, you are allowed multiple user profiles to be created as part of your account. This allows your family to all use the subscription at the same time.

With such a world of content at their fingertips, they’d be silly to ignore it. Here are some of the best shows they can watch on Netflix at this moment in time, and that they’re likely to be genuinely interested in.

13 Reasons Why

Developed from a book of the same name, Netflix’s latest teen drama is hooking people from all ages. The story follows a character named Clay, played by Dylan Minnette, a high school student who receives seven cassettes explaining why his girlfriend committed suicide. 

The show is dramatic in pace and doesn’t let go of the viewer’s grasp from minute one of the broadcast. What sets it apart from other shows is that it’s not afraid to talk about heavy issues such a mental health – including depression, sexual fear and anxiety. High school isn’t easy for anyone, and this show depicts that better than most. It’s likely to become your teenager’s new addiction. You can find more on 13 Reasons Why via – and prepare yourself for the inevitable second season.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little liars is a show famous for how over-the-top and soap like it is, but for some reason those that watch it find it difficult to stop. A mysterious ‘A’ appears on the scene of a group of fashion conscious young women and threatens to expose their dirty secrets to everyone around. Intrinsically watchable, Pretty Little Liars has more of a plot and justification for being aired than most of the ‘pulp television’ your high schooler is probably into.

Diverting them into this show which makes light of the whole celebrity culture, and sometimes openly mocks it, will only serve to entertain them more profoundly, and with better writing than any show about the Kardashians could.

These two shows have multiple seasons between them, and more in the works. Your teenager is sure to love them and will be able to relate to the themes. Good writing is always great to witness, no matter where that source comes from. Be careful though, your new and next problem might be tearing your child away from Netflix once they realise its potential.

However, in the modern world, there are worse problems you could have.

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