Organised Chaos #Work

I must admit when it come to keeping my office desk clean and tidy, its something that does not enter in my work priorities. I am usually juggling several tasks at once and in order to do that effectively I have to run an organised chaos system, which works quite well unless a gust of wind sends my paperwork flying!

I have recently been spending a solid eight hours behind my desk, so I am currently looking through a variety of office chairs from F@W in order to make the stint a little more comfortable! Furniture work have come up with a great infographic on Organised Mess, its ethos is linking your style to your stars! Its quite a fun and interesting read.

I think in my instance I break the mold, although I do hoard numerous receipts to a point where my wallet no longer closes! I find that my work space setup impacts most on my ability to complete task effectively, things such as numerous post-it notes on the walls are a complete distraction for me, when I took over my office there were thousands, I had to take them off and create a spreadsheet in order to still have quick access to the information.

In fact when I think about it, although I am not that paper organised, I am however electronically, utilising spreadsheets and hyperlinks to keep multiple files in order, perhaps that is why I am spending so much time behind my desk!

The more time you spend in the office the more you really should think about investing in the furnishings, ensuring an ergonomic design and fengshui setup for your mental well being. I do need to improve the practical side of things with dual monitors enabling me to complete simple tasks quickly.

Any steps we can make to create more streamlined and healthy environment is sure a must do!

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