Keep Your Luggage Light This Summer! Creating a Simple Capsule Wardrobe

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When it comes to packing our luggage for a trip or vacation, us men generally have the right idea. While our girlfriends and wives are cramming weeks worth of clothes and shoes into their cases, we’re happy to keep it simple and stick to the basics. However, there’s a way of packing and organising clothes for trips away which is even easier than your current methods. Bring in the capsule wardrobe! This idea allows you to create a variety of different looks, but using just a few key pieces. There’s less to buy and less to pack, but you don’t feel like you’re constantly wearing the same things day in day out of your trip. Here’s how you can go about building your perfect summer vacation capsule wardrobe.

Shorts and Trousers

Realistically, for a week away you’re only going to need two pairs of shorts. One can be worn while the other is being washed, and if you choose plain and neutral colours, they will go with anything else. Opt for black, grey, white, brown or other neutral shade of your choice, and choose pairs that you really feel comfy in. has a rundown of different styles if fashion isn’t your forte, and you’re unsure where to start. You could even go with one pair of shorts and one pair of cropped trousers which allow you to switch up your outfits a bit. If you wear a long pair of trousers such as jeans or chinos on the plane, you have something to travel back in, and a backup pair in case you get very bad weather one day in the week. This is also useful if you need to wear something smart one evening.


Your t-shirts are where you can have a but of fun with your look. Since you will have chosen plain, neutral bottoms, just about any t-shirt design will work. If you go for five different styles, you have plenty to mix and match with during the week. Sites like have a variety of cool logo designs if you want to go with something playful, you could then add a couple of plainer styles in too. That way you have a good mixture and your vacation photos won’t show you wearing the same things all week! You could go with some with regular short sleeves, one with long sleeves (in case of colder weather) and a couple of vests for by the pool, or scorching hot days at the beach. 


Again, choosing plain styles will match with the shorts you have chosen and give you more freedom to wear whatever you want on top. Comfy sneakers for days where you’re doing a lot of walking, and flip flops for the beach are about all you will really need. 


Finally, don’t forget accessories. A hat, sunglasses, a belt and any fashion items you want to wear will help to switch up your outfits. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, a simple surfer necklace or bracelet will bring some personality to your look and allow you to have fun with your style while you’re away. has more ideas about accessories that could come in useful while you’re travelling, from fashion to tech. 

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Do you pack a capsule wardrobe when you’re heading on vacation?

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