Getting Back My Energy With Red Kooga

Since I have reached my mid thirties I am definitely feeling less energetic than I used too, it’s hard juggling a full time job, this blog, my two boys and doing my bit to help with the housework (yes otherwise the wife does her cross face, seriously its scary stuff!) and finding some energy left over for following my own interests (computer gaming and kickboxing!). 

I think as a whole we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to lead full lives to make sure we bring in enough money, give the kids enough time and chip in with the housework, its exhausting making it all work and not burning out. My main job is very stressful, lots of responsibility making sure my staff, our patients and the other partners are happy. I have to keep myself well organised and try not to forget anything, but when I am in a haze of tiredness I worry something important might be missed.

Trying to be the best dad, husband and boss that I can. It’s a tall order but not impossible because luckily Red Kooga have a range of products that help me get ready for anything. They give me a real boost when I need it, whether to my immune system (I don’t have time to be ill!), my energy levels or my mental alertness.

I have developed some bad habits to keep me going I have a draw at work filled with chocolaty treats when I need a quick boost, but it’s a bad idea as all I do is fill myself with too much sugar (my expanding tummy is testimony to that!) and I am back to feeling tired soon afterwards.

Red Kooga Natural Energy Release (RSP £7.14) keeps me going all day, the ginseng has increased my stamina and I am finding it easier to keep on top of everything, the demands of the kids, my job and most important the WIFE (as she is the most vocal when I haven’t pulled my weight in terms of helping around the house!). In tablet form it’s much easier to ingest then a ginseng tea, it’s so convenient just swallowing a quick tablet and not having to face those afternoon slumps anymore when I feel like I could quite happily nod off at my desk.

Then you have Red Kooga Korean Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba (RSP £9.69) which has all the benefits of ginseng when your feeling weak and completely depleted, whilst combining Gingko Biloba to improve blood circulation around the body.

Red Kooga Korean Ginseng Multivitamins & Minerals RSP £4.07 is great if you are worried about getting enough vitamins in the food you eat, you can keep topped up with these and the ginseng with keep fatigue at bay.

Available to buy from good health stores so don’t delay getting your life back on track!

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