The cost of being a Dad taxi #DadTaxi

It’s not been until recently that I have realised just how much time I spend in the car running my two boys about. I can certainly see this becoming more and more regular as they get older, meaning more of my time will be taken up behind the wheel. At the moment they have swimming lessons, karate sessions and football training but later on it will probably be lifts from the pub and nightclub!

Whilst I was wondering if this a general trend for parents and trying to find some light at the end of the tunnel, I found some interesting research from the guys over at who have created the #DadTaxi meter which enables you to get an estimate of how much your children would have had to pay if they had called a Taxi! (Handy if you want to start charging petrol money, maybe you can present them with a final bill when they get their first job!). I tried the meter for two days just out of curiosity and I clocked up thirty minutes costing a total of £15.80.

Some of the facts they have come up with are rather interesting, on average dads spend 1 hour 40 minutes providing lifts, covering 40 miles per week driving their kids around. I know for me personally I can easily clock that up, with some of my journey’s being a round trip of around 60 minutes.

I joked about charging my boys petrol money but in reality only 6% of fathers do (seriously how on earth are they managing to get their kids to cough up? share your success stories with me!), but I think it really is an important issue especially since fuel is so costly, by charging for your chauffeuring you can ensure your children are aware of real life costs, well that’s how I am going to sell it anyhow!

In the mean time has a competition running for a Dad taxi to win a driving experience around Silverstone! All you need to do is simply share your appreciation on either twitter or instagram using the hashtag #DadTaxi. The competition ends on 30/06/2017.

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