Game of Thrones – Are you missing out? #GoT

I am such an avid fan of Game of Thrones, having to wait for another season to air can be quite the challenge! So much has happened since its humble beginning, yet so many questions are yet to be answered!

Game of Thrones is set in a medieval type realm with plenty of action and raunchiness, some of the plot twist and swings you are complete shocked by, they don’t even creep up on you slowly, bang! and it changes just like that, as you really get into it you feel lost and emotional just as the characters do!

However I will not go into too much details here with regards to the story line. I have recently been shocked by how many of my friends and work colleagues have yet to see even a glimpse of the show – seriously where have they been! I have swiftly sent them off to purchase the complete game of thrones season 1 to 6 in order to catch up before the 17th of July to ensure I have people to talk to about the show!

In all honesty I cannot believe the show has attracted such a wide cross section of viewers, even my 70+ year old father in-law is an obsessive watcher! Finding a distraction for that weekly void has been a tough slog though, however I do have a few firm favourites when it comes to TV shows that I know I can rely on when filling the gap.

I enjoy Walking Dead, Vikings and I-Zombie to name a few (we have even met one of the cast of I-Zombie, as you can see in the picture above!) I must admit however I do prefer a good binge session when it come to a series, so perhaps people have the right idea by holding back on watching until you have several seasons to watch all in one go. But for me I am well and truly hooked already and will watch each episode as it airs.

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