Equazen: Making Learning To Read Easier

There is lots of information available regarding different techniques to help your child learn to read. Much of it is common sense really; giving them access to varied reading material so they find something that captures their interest and showing them how important reading is with bedtime stories and getting your children to read aloud as part of your daily routine. But even following available advice it still is very hard to achieve confident readers.

As a parent of a reluctant reader we have really struggled in the past, it wasn’t easy and sometimes it felt like our youngest would never be a fluent reader. My father in law was concerned and thought he had some kind of development delay. But simply put he just didn’t have the same concentration levels as his older brother; he was always easily distracted and quickly lost his focus. 

We preserved and finally cracked it but it felt like a real battle to get there. We don’t begrudge the time and attention we gave him but it would have been nice if there had been an easier way, something to shorten the process.

What we hadn’t realised was how much you can help using supplements, specifically Equazen which has been scientifically proven to improve reading. We would have gladly used Equazen if we had known because it would have effortlessly slotted into our lives and helped ease our troubles getting him to remember the most simple of words from one day to the next. Dame Judi Dench uses Equazen to remember her lines, what a wonderful endorsement and one that makes me more eager to use Equazen in our family from now on.

So if you want to make your child’s reading journey more rewarding do look at ways of ensuring they are getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids. However rather than panic about how much oily fish they are eating, yes my reluctant reader could also be at times a fussy eater, head to Boots or your independent pharmacist and pick up Equazen capsules, chews or liquid, depending on the preference of your child. The chews are strawberry flavoured so very palatable.

If your still not convinced read the results of their research, which found a 64% greater improvement in reading comprehension when diet was supplemented with Equazen, for 13p a capsule it’s a small price to pay for such a BIG leap in your child’s ability to read. Alongside the academic benefits the use of Omega-3 fatty acids also helps with behaviour so it can make a huge difference to your child’s development and progress at school.

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