Changing your house into a home #Interiors

Now we are gradually finishing the work that the house needed we are finding that we have so much extra room that is in dire need of transformation and furnishing into a home.

It is so hard to ensure you keep your ideas and intentions on trend while able to simply adapt your furniture styling to stand the test of time. For us we have attempted to keep things very neutral, for example each room we completed I simply painted magnolia, fitted wood flooring and installed some standard black blinds.

When it come to furniture I am a great fan of ordering the furniture online, mainly due to the fact you can usually find the best deal, although I have found that once I find a piece of furniture I like if at all possible I will find a store that stocks it in order to see it in the flesh before clicking the buy button.

I currently need to furbish a living room and bedroom, so what are the latest trends I need to be aware of?

Moving away from the bland and neutral magnolia, this year sees bright green making a real hit, enabling a great space for restoration. Changing the colour of you walls is a relatively quick and easy process, meaning you can keep up with any style changes. By adding a few matching green cushions will really keep the room looking good.

Along with colour we are seeing a surge with wall texturing, with only the truly bold going all out, we could see many exchanging their feature wall for texture panel murals. Cork is on the agenda too, how you feature it is up to you, I however am keen to have a small wall covered head to toe in it allowing for messages to be pinned to it.

Apparently navy is the new black this year, for me this could mean simply replacing our blind louvers with this new colour, which is another relatively easy and cheap task to undertake. Jewel colours are also in this year, adding a splash of brightness to your furnishings.

It is always worth you while researching trends and matching them to your own preferences, so if you are undertaking a project, I wish you good luck!

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