Is you garden #dog friendly?

With the change in weather it has been an ideal opportunity to get back out into the garden, but how safe is your garden for your four legged friend? Ours spends a whole lot of time running around our garden so it is really important that we keep things in check, as she loves to go on her own adventures.

When she first joined our family it truly tested the boundaries of the garden, with her escaping over to the neighbours houses several times, but we soon located and block up her escape routes, so she can now safely stay in the garden for as long as she likes.

However there are other potential dangers in your garden, luckily Rattan Furniture have come up with an great and informative infographic to help you improve your garden letting your loved dog enjoy the outdoors that little bit more.

This infographic lead me to make some changes in our own garden, we have a lot of Ivy so I have been actively removing it, we also have quite a few Daffodils so I am in the process of moving these to our additional garden that the dog is unable to access alone.

We are lucky that we have a few trees available for her to rest under for shade, while also able to find great basking spots, however we have a large tarmac area that she really enjoys running about on, perhaps we should thing about replacing this with something the would be cooler on her feet!

Our plans are to change our garden around significantly, our raised garden to be used for the children and our main garden to be cut in half changing it from tarmac to lawn which will be softer for everyone to play on, we also plan to have a new shed to allow for additional storage for garden furniture and toys, we could create an additional space with the shed to allow our dog to seek shelter if it rains, allowing her more flexibility to escape into the garden whatever the weather.

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