Workplace mishaps #HealthandSafety

When I first started work was when I first met anything Health and Safety, most employees just grimaced at the though of it! One thing that they where particularly keen on was the accident report book, I must admit somethings in there were a little joke worthy – like the time I flick a pen in my eye causing my eye to bleed! Or the time I jumped in a doorway and cracked my head, I guess I was a Health and Safety nightmare, however these where caused by messing around rather than a true accident.

You could well imagine that if you did have a accident that could be contributed to you working conditions that you should really follow things through. Hayward Baker has launched a free to use interactive injury compensation calculator meaning you can get an estimation on any injury that has occurred!

I believe the following infographic is proof that you take more risks or have the potential to mess around when first starting out in the working world than you do as you mature.

All in all it is amazing that 7 out of 10 young workers rate their workplace as a health hazard and the fact that 1 in 5 under 29 year old’s saw no action after the suffering an injury. I was once in an accident at school and I must say that you really should ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, its not about the money but the process to get things corrected, as I am sure many people would not feel comfortable with applying for compensation from their employers, I know I would not but still if an improvement needs to be made then you as an employee still has a duty of carer to get things corrected. 

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