Making some important spring time changes #healthy

I have recently started Kick Boxing once a week, and I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying myself, sure I wake up the next day with aching muscles but that must mean I am actively getting fitter. (some sessions have left me aching for several days!) 

Both myself and the Mrs have taken up this new class and we are intending on keeping up with the exercises during the week in order to take up the multiple challenges we face during the lessons! For me yesterday I really struggled skipping rope – something I have not even attempted since I was at school!

Now that we have taken up this class we are keen for some of our friends to come on board with a new fitness regime, however for some of them they are keen to give up smoking before taking the leap into exercising. When I finally gave up it was shear will power alone that got me through and the fact I met the Mrs! However nowadays there are several different avenues to venture down, consulting you local pharmacy can prove useful for some and for others have a look down the vaping route can prove to be as successful, after all once you have decided on a device you can simply replace a traditional cigarette with an electronic version, and slowly wean yourself off of the nicotine. I think this would have been of great benefit to me as its not a cold turkey method, I remember back to having idle hands when I gave up and the first 10 to 30 days was very tricky indeed!

Once they have quit the habit it will be exciting to have some extra friends to get fitter and healthier with, as there is no better motivation than that of close friends! (especially when it comes to critiquing)

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