Hubby Helps You With Your Roofing Needs #Roofing

When we moved into our current house, we were shocked to discover that the roof of the house was letting in copious amounts of water, the hard and longer it rain the quicker we had to keep emptying the buckets!

Unfortunately we used most of our modest budget replacing windows (a total of 33) and two new doors, so we where left with limited options, of course being frugal I headed straight off to google for a solution and I was lucky to find a company online: Burton Roofing Merchants who offer a range of products at a very reasonable price.

At that point winter was drawing in so we really needed to act fast in order to get the house water tight, the paramount thing was to find out where the water was getting in, I had already removed the lath and plaster ceilings so it was easier for me to attempt to locate the pathways of the water, one leak was one of three chimneys and the other bigger leeks appeared to be coming from above the two separate windows.

Our house is quite tall and after I took at trip up to check out the roof it was clear that I had to seek professional advice and we decided to have the chimney removed and have the roof molds replaced along with the mandatory slate tiles. The other problem was not solved so easily it was though that the major leaks where coming in due to the pointing having some damage, after all it was quite old. So we had the front of the property re-pointed, but disaster struck and the leaks got worse!

The water must have been coming in from somewhere else with some of it being being diverted through the higher cracks in the pointing. So we had another inspection and found that the two bays had external stone work that was soaking the water in, after getting some lead flashing and fitting this, we have just had our first dry winter!

One tip I have learned now, is that water can really travel far and it is not always so obvious where it is coming from and by repairing different aspects if the only real way to identify the issues, we were lucky with our tradesman he was very honesty from the outset and he let us know that he would not be able to guarantee that work done would stop the leak, he actively attempted to limit the work he needed to undertake in order to ensure we funded only what was needed to be water tight, he was also flexible with me ordering materials directly meaning I felt I had some control too.

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