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With Easter a week away, most of you will have your plans set in place. For me this year I was planning on cutting back on the chocolate, although I do not think this will go down well with the boys (and not to mention the Mrs).

Of course we will be doing the traditional Easter egg hunt in order to keep the magic alive as the boys really love the annual phone-call I receive from the Bunny himself! After a few call and discussion the hunt is mysteriously laid out and ready for searching.

So this year instead of compiling a guide focusing on purely Easter treats I wanted to widen the scope (and give the Mrs some hints). So here is my quick Easter gift guide:

Jabra Halo Smart

These headphone are particularly great, they are wireless and lightweight. With one charge giving you up to 15 hours of music or 17 hours of talk time. One great aspect for me is the fact they are water and wind proof, which means that the weather will not be holding me back when it come to getting fit and going for a daily run!

The Halo Smart comes in three colours, red, blue and black. With a handy app it can really revolutionise your smart-phone, it can even read you your text messages! With an RRP of £69.99 it is definitely one on my list!


As an ex-smoker I must admit the only thing I miss about the habit is the fact I no longer have a lighter to hand, especially when it come to wanting to light candles on Birthday cake at work! So I have been meaning to rekindle my love for Zippo with this purpose in mind.

While browsing their website I also noted they do Hand Warmers, what better to get the Mrs as she is always complaining of being cold while out on walks! RRP for lighters start at £16.45 and hand warmers at £21.95.


Ok so I must admit you have to have some chocolate this Easter. Cadbury’s have really out done themselves this year with the array they have on offer. I was lucky enough to receive a hamper from my mum, it was jam packed with eggs and treats!

They have prices to suit any budget with the option to personalise your gifts. I have to say there is nothing quite like the chocolate from a Cadbury’s Easter egg, in my humble opinion it is so different compared to the bars!

Now I have a small competition for you all to enter, the prize is one set of Jabra Halo Smart Headphones worth £69.99. Enter via the gleam below competition ends midnight 12th May 2017, enter via the gleam below!

Jabra Halo Smart Headphones worth £69.99


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