Top Tops: How to stay safe with DIY #DIY

Following on from my Who needs Health & Safety, whenever we are due to attempt a new DIY project we should really be taking a full risk assessment approach. Luckily Slater & Gordon are on hand with some invaluable advise on the matter with the following infographic, after you have checked that out have a look at my top tips to stay safe while attempting your own DIY!

Use the right tools

It is a really basic thing but one that I did not always adhere too, especially when we moved house all I had was a hammer and two screw drivers and to be fair in my previous property that was about all I needed to keep on top of things. I have now fixed that issue and have a few more tools to help with some of the bigger jobs like laying flooring or fixing skirting boards!

Assess the work area

It is always worthwhile making sure you have enough space to work in, I have in the past had to move bigger tools like my chop saw, while in the middle of a project which is far from ideal. While assessing the work area you should check their is good ventilation this is especially important when dealing with high VOC paint, I do now have a proper mask when dealing with the damp proofing paint as it really started to impact upon my breathing for day after using it!

Don’t DIY alone

This is a rule that I have broken in the past regularly, however I have recently undertaken a review of lone workers in my workplace and it is so risky to do potentially dangerous work alone. If you indeed have to work alone, then set up a safety net by having someone check in on you at a set time. For me I have taken down two ceilings, and a wall on my own prior to the rest of the family moving into the house, if anything had happened to me I would not have been found until the morning!

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