Smart Dad’s Guide To Earning Brownie Points

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If you are a smart Dad, then you are going to have your little man cave somewhere in the home. If you are even smarter then you will have realized that to get increased hours alone in your cave, you need to invite the children in every now and again. Give mom a rest and win brownie points so you can sneak off and enjoy some uninterrupted Dad peace.

The easiest way to achieve this is by including a pretty impressive tech set up in your man cave. We aren’t just talking about a standard PC, we are talking a multi-screen mega deck which will have your children, and you, engaged for hours. In silence preferably! Of course, these screens aren’t just for gaming; they are there to help you increase your productivity at work and, maybe even allow you to work from home a little more so you aren’t missing out on the cool stuff that goes on when you are at your boring job. Before you read on check out these best gaming monitors for high-end users and then, read on to see what games you should be playing. No moms allowed.

One of the favorite games of the last few years, for PC, has been Minecraft. This is a great game which requires the user to build, plan and survive. You need to learn how to defend yourself and keep your character warm and dry. The game itself is pretty simple and very user-friendly for young children and is perfect for entertaining the children if you can’t get them out for a day

The Sims is another great game for the family where you each take control of a Sim’s life. Who doesn’t like to feel in control? In The Sims, you can take control of any number of user created characters that live in a home that you design. You can make entire families give each character traits, personalities, hobbies, and jobs, then tell them what to do. You are in charge of everything, including toilet breaks. This game needs you to commit a fair bit of time, but it can be very rewarding. 

Few children haven’t embrace Lego at some point in their life The Lego Game series is safe bet for any family gaming sessions. The games are easy to pick-up and play, full of humor for the kids and pop culture references for Dad. Currently, you can check out Lego Lord of The Rings, Batman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Star Wars. The fun games will keep your son’s and daughters laughing, and you might even end up enjoying a quiet game on your own! 

Finally, Plants Vs Zombies is a simple but addictive game. You can download it on the iphone too, however, on the PC, all the family can enjoy it! 

We know that giving up your man cave might be hard. But for a couple of hours a week of fun gaming, in might just be worth it!

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