Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean #Review #Competition

Just from the name alone you get some joy from your first introduction into Professor Scrubbington’s range of products, the Emporium of Clean is just what you want to hear especially when you have two sometimes reluctant to wash mucky monsters!

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Since receiving a bundle of Professor Scrubbington’s, which I might add came in a fetching cardboard suitcase that really captured the boys imagination. The boys have been only to keen to jump into the bath to enjoy these novel foaming products.


The full range includes:

  • Foaming Hair and Body Wash
  • Foaming Hand and Face Wash
  • Foaming Shampoo
  • Foaming Conditioner
  • Roll-on Deodorant

From a parents point of view the fact it is foam rather than a gel really does appear to work more efficiently, with one squirt completing the job at hand – whether body wash or shampoo! Along with that we appreciate the added benefit the two dual purpose products which really saves some much needed shelf space in the bathroom (of course most of it is reserved for the Mrs). Now the boys have taken to giving themselves an extra spruce (face wash) when washing their hands.


Scrubbington’s have done themselves proud by producing a fragrance that is pleasant and somehow sends you back to your own childhood with the hint of cut grass with summertime fun! It is hard to explain but when you smell it you will truly understand and my wife likes it as much as the boys, so the scent will appeal to everyone in the family! They have even managed to make it with 98% natural ingredients which is such an important aspect for us parents, its reassuring it isn’t filled with nasty chemicals!!!


I was really keen on the boys starting to use a deodorant as they can get quite active doing football and karate and it gets them into a good habit earlier which with defiantly benefit them in the teenage years!

For your chance to win a bundle of products please enter via the gleam below, ends 15th April 2017.

Professor Scrubbington’s


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