Mum Need A Rest? How To Get The Kids Outside, Dad Style

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Sometimes you can see the signs that Mum needs a little bit of space in the house. It may be something you have noticed coming on gradually or it might just come out of the blue. Red alert, time to jump in the car and get out of here!

During the weeks, especially in winter, it is hard to keep the kids outside and when you do, it is impossible to keep the outside, outside. Mud, leaves, dirty boots everywhere. The home becomes about as stylish as a barn and by the time spring comes? It is ready for a weekend of spring cleaning.

Now, we aren’t saying that mum should be at home doing that whilst you are having all the fun. Maybe you are a domestic god and are going to stay at home. However, we Dad’s tend to know how to give everyone the best time outdoors and that includes mum too! So here is a great guide to a few amazing days out you can enjoy when it’s time to get shipped out and having fun.

Paintballing is an excellent activity for everyone. You will need to have older children or teenagers as it can be quite painful or even a little bit scary for younger children. However what could be cooler than chasing your mum around the woods and shooting paint at her? Nothing. You can work together as part of a team or have a kids versus adults afternoon. One thing is for sure, all those weeks on Call of Duty will have helped you mastered your skills. You may end up pretty muddy, but you will have been outside, fresh air and blown out the cobwebs after a winter of indoor living.

Climbing is another brilliant activity for all the family. There are climbing centres popping up everywhere and offering a variety of disciplines for the novice to the more adventurous. You don’t need any special equipment as it can all be hired from the centre. You also have the bonus of not getting muddy and being able to enjoy this whatever the weather and you don’t need to book in advance. It’s great for kids to see their parents out of their comfort zones too. So well worth heading down as a pack and getting involved.

One of the best activities of all is go karting. Kids get to get to grips with something that mum and dad do everyday. They can also test their skills and see if they could beat their parents. Of course go karting is very different to driving on the road, so you may not be as good as you think you will be. Plus a lighter child is going to be able to reach better speeds, so you might end up the brunt of a few jokes at the end of the day.

You don’t have to get out and try sports you know you all enjoy, in fact it is better to put yourself all in an equal position and try something new. You will find you gel as a family and if one of you has stayed at home, there will be lots of great things to share at the end of the day!

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