How to: Keep your Septic Tank healthy #DIY

With our house being very rural, we aren’t on the main drainage system instead we have a septic tank. This is the first time I have had one and you really need to take extra care with it, due to the fact that you need all those pesky bug that breakdown the sewage. You have to ensure you use septic tank friendly products.

So this morning I woke to one of our drains overflowing, as you can imaging panic erupted as I thought it could be the septic tank reaching its maximum capacity! I was in luck however and it was our kitchen sink drain that had become blocked.

Weighing up the cost vs hassle of solving the issue my self, I decided I would attempt to save the family some money and clear the blockage myself, having to remember I have to utilise septic tank friendly techniques.

For me this meant I had to don a pair of gloves and manually remove some debris – I would also recommend using a mask at this point to attempt to block the smell! After that I hooked up my jet washer to slowly and gentle blaster the drain. In order to effectively remove the blockage I had to work from both ends of the drain, all in all it took about thirty minutes to have a free running drain again!

When it comes to cleaning in the house I must recommend reading product labels else you can risk resetting the bio-system in your tank. One thing I need to start doing is checking my tank regularly in order to know if it needs to be emptied, remember you need to use a specialist company for this and they need to be registered as a waste carrier. Remember to get a copy of the waste transfer note in order to ensure compliance.

It would have been helpful to have been given all the information by the previous owners of the property, as such I would really recommend you gain this before the sale goes through!

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