How to: Future Proof Your Renovation Plans


Since we have undertaken the enormous project of the renovation of our current house, it really is amazing how quickly you drain your finances. I have learned that the best approach is to ensure you are future proofing the refurbishment in order to safeguard your investment.

So how do you go about future proofing?


As with anything trends come and go, we have been toying with creating a larger kitchen space by utilising the pantry, as kitchens seem to be a natural gathering point having the ability to host more people could be very beneficial. However as they usually represent one of the biggest investments within your house, I think it is very important to consult a professional prior to implementing any change. For me anything that allows to room to stay de-cluttered is sure to stand the test of time!


A bathroom is definitely a place I want to ensure I can relax in, it needs to not only be comfortable but functional too, with older parents potentially needing to move in with us we need to ensure we can cater for their needs too (not to mention our own as the years go by!) Opting for a walk-in bath or low level walk-in shower would be an ideal option. The need to focus on easy access is the idea here.


We are quite lucky as we have a large hallway and staircase, but in order to truly future proof the house the ability to be able to fit double banisters or a stair lift is a must, I am pretty sure the Mrs would opt for a stair lift now! We are quite fortunate that the house already has easy access to the front as it has a ramp up to the front door, along with these doors being slightly wider than the standard fit.

By ensuring you are implementing these adjustments at this stage you may well find that you will be able to stay at home for much longer in your twilight years!

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