Easter: Some facts you might not know #Easter

I really cannot believe we are hurtling towards Easter, another two weeks of school holidays and the ritual call from the Easter Bunny who makes an invisible visit to hide some eggs around the house or out in the garden. This year however I am intending to be slightly healthier (perhaps I should have given up chocolate for lent!), so I may replace this years chocolate binge with some rabbit food (sigh!), but do keep an eye out for my alternative Easter gift guide coming up soon. 

For the boys they really love Easter, of course not as much as Christmas but its a good second place, and for them another time to stock up on some more chocolate especially since their Christmas Stores as a far and distant thought! 

As we are a family that enjoy our facts the guys over at Busy Bees who have nurseries in Kettering among other places have collated some great fun facts about Easter in this following info-graphic: 

My favorite fact has to be the worlds largest Easter egg hunt with took place on 1st April 2007 and included 501,000 eggs, what I like best about that is that only 9,753 children took part which means one of two things, either each child got over 50 eggs or parents decided to ditch the kids in order to get there hands on some! 

Another fact I just has to get number crunching on was globally 48.1 billion eggs and sweets are sold and 80 million chocolate eggs are sold in the UK. This equates to 6.4 eggs or sweets per head in the world and 1.25 chocolate eggs per person in the UK (both on average). 

I do remember fondly back to my childhood, trying to out do my brother and sister with the shear volume of chocolate I could find on an Easter egg hunt!

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