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We are planning a trip to Spain at some point this year, my plan for while we are away is to find cheap car hire meaning we can get out and about when we want to and aren’t tied to public transport. However driving abroad is not something I have had to do before so I must admit I am a little unnerved, there are several reasons for this and they range from driving etiquette to simple navigation.

For me knowing what to expect abroad will be at the top of my search engine until we set off! However I will have to ensure I do not neglect the fact I need to still book car hire luckily I stumbled across www.autoeurope.co.uk, they have an extensive range of vehicles to cater for any scenario as well as covering Europe they do have coverage in the USA, which I know is on the agenda within the next couple of years.

While I was researching Auto Europe, I discovered that they had recently undertaken a UK poll and found some quite awe inspiring facts (along with a couple that should give you a chuckle!) So here are some of the highlights for the average British driver:

  • They clock up a staggering 556,764 miles in their life time, which to my calculations is more than the distance to the moon and back!
  • They consume 7000 cups of coffee and 4953 sandwiches!
  • They singalong to the radio 7817 times (I pretty sure I am at this already!)
  • They clip the curb 1702 times and suffer from 1006 scratches or scrapes 
  • Car supplies like screen wash and air fresheners will set you back £2,000 in your lifetime and proud car owners will wash their car 2089 times! (I better get washing!)

I always find facts like these quite interesting espeacally ones like the average car owners car is worth £12,919 and the average insurance costs £436 a month, makes you really things about you own costs. For the full listing please see the following info-graphic:

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