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The cold snap has well and truly hit, however we tend to still be very economical when it comes to heating the house so we have developed some extra steps to take to ensure the boys stay warm all night through. One of the best ways for them to keep warm is having their own Snuggle Sac by Ollie & Leila. Not just any Snuggle Sac mind you, but a pirate one at that just to ensure they drift off to sleep with an impending adventure to dream about! I am sure Captain Hook has nothing on these two!

Eldest has just had a sleepover and it is so handy to have extra sleeping bags like these at hand, the only issue then becomes getting them off to sleep with all the excitement of having a friend over, for me it meant a 2 am finish to my day! To be fair it could have been worse, I am sure when I had sleepovers we generally only got two hours sleep!

I have been looking at getting another Snuggle Sac now the boys have more regular sleepovers however my stop by the website had gotten a little out of hand and I spent my time looking at the boys beds from Ollie and Leila, I especially have my eye on the Allsorts Maxi Combination Sleeper, not only does it look quite swish but also very practical when it come to space saving, a must in any ones book! As a little bonus too it come with free home delivery and free home assembly, something I will be sure to forget to tell the Mrs in order to get the brownie points for putting it together myself!

So I am sure your all keen to find out about the competition I have for you to win one of these lovely Snuggle Sacs! Please enter via the gleam below, ends at midnight on 10th March 2017.

Snuggle Sac

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