To Dash Cam or Not to Dash Cam that is the question! #safety

I have recently been taking stock of how many miles I actually clock up on an annual basis, I have slowly become closer to the ten thousand the I state for the purpose of my car agreement and insurance, however today my car has just ticked over to 26,000 miles on the clock (not bad in three years!)

I did chuckle to myself at the time and think where I could have gone in those twenty six thousand miles – somewhere blissfully hot perhaps? After all we could have traveled around the world seeing many a site, the truth is we have over the years been on numerous weekend breaks, taking in the best of the UK.

All in all I feel I have been very lucky with the amount of travelling we have done, I have not had many issues with other road user, in fact I have only had two issues:

The first come when we were driving out of London after going via central! The road was grid locked and an elderly guy slowly rolled his car into the back of mine, no damage done but he denied that it even happened!

The second was on a round about, a guy thought that I cut in front of him, despite him not entering the roundabout and it was my right of way, well the chase ensued. He kept his lights on full beam while gesturing out of his window. Unfortunately the boys where in the car and got quite upset, especially when the traffic built up leaving the guy enough time to jump out of his car (forget to put his handbrake on), shout some abuse at me then promptly run after his car – nothing better than instant Karma!

In both of these instances it would have been handy to have had a Dash Cam to capture all the action as it unfolded not only for my peace of mind but to have had a little chuckle and Mr Hand-gesture! However I must admit I am a novice when it come down to the nitty gritty of a camera so I have had to track down a guide to vehicle cameras.

I have never really thought about all the different aspects having a Dash Cam can improve on your safety, the camera acts and an independent witness, meaning if anyone accuses you of any wrong doing you have the evidence to hand!

A little extra peace of mind for us safer drivers!

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