Stepping out in style #jacket

We have recently been travelling around at weekends taking in different sites, not to mention cramming in the much needed dining out. One thing I have noticed being out so much is the fact that there are so many people out there that obviously keep up with the latest trends with their wardrobes.

Now some of the places we have travelled to have been rather muddy and in torrential rain, however people have still been there looking picture perfect! Not me however, I have been sporting some seriously dubious trainers and a big warm coat!

So I want to trade in this coat in a last ditch effort to make myself look that little bit more trendy! I have been checking out a Jacket with Hood on Octer to ensure I can keep trendy but dry if needed, as I am sure the Mrs will continue to get me back out in the rain again, after all its not just her that gets cabin fever the boys tend to go a bit more feral if we they don’t get enough exercise.

With all that being said, I thing it is important to ensure that I invest a little bit of time on researching the latest trends to hit 2017! So here are a few of the essentials for any of you un-trendy dads out there!


Apparently checks started to come back last year?! Well now that us guys have been wearing them for sometime, its anticipated that we have become comfortable enough for us to be boldly wearing them. Watch out for the next meeting I attend my checks will smack you in the face!


Oh this could be dangerous, if we mix our stripes and checks! However stripes have always been in, trust me I must be a fashion icon when it comes to stripes as I wear them daily for work! The great aspect with stripped wear is how versatile it is when it come to pulling together your overall look. not to forget you can mutli-colour stripe to ensure you standout from the crowd!

Printed T’Shirts

Still got some old printed T’Shirts then your in luck as they are staying this year, but ensure you match them with something a bit more now, like some fitted trousers and smarter jackets. I am pretty sure if I can still fit in them then I should be covered for this!

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