How to survive parenting #nightoff

We are soon to be into our tenth year of parenting, has it really been that long, all those sleepless nights, even now we still seem to have a never ending supply of demands before they finally go to sleep.

Tonight we were faced with:

  • The never ending thirst – I need a drink of water (Really? you didn’t drink the water with your dinner!)
  • The search for knowledge – Where is Cambodia? (Dam I left my phone down stairs……somewhere in the world we can have a look tomorrow!)
  • Heat seeker – Can I have an extra blanket (Seriously?!? The heating is on full!)
  • Tucking Hell! (Up and down the stairs to tuck them in! At least that’s my cardio sorted)
  • Calling out all the stops – I can’t sleep, my brother is breathing to loudly next door (Sigh!)

Don’t get me wrong we are rigid with our bed time routine, but tonight we where running behind as we took them to the in-laws for dinner, meaning their usual routine was out of wack and if you give them an inch they take a mile. But with all this extra attention focused on them, you have to be careful as parents to ensure you leave enough time for yourself as well as your relationship, after all when the birds fly the nest you do not want to be two strangers in a house!

We can struggle to get babysitters and only can only really rely on the in-laws, but as you know by now I like to do some surfing around to see if there are services out there for parents like us, and there is an online service to find me a babysitter. All you need to do to get started is enter your postcode to see if there are available sitters in your area, to be honest I was a little dubious about the service, however reading through their FAQs it has remedied some of the initial apprehensions I felt and I guess once you have used the service and got to know the babysitter once your confidence would grow!

Leaving you to plan your perfect night out for your rare night off parental duties!

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