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Now that I am fairly certain that I will be keeping my current car for another few years, I feel it is time I change tack with the way that I treat her!

Gone will be the days of free tyres, service, maintenance and now to mention the free cleaning. So how can I ensure that I can keep my car in top notch condition and hopeful reduce the amount of ongoing maintenance costs?

Keep it clean

Both inside and out I need to keep my car cleaner than I do now, perhaps I need to get the boys involved, especially with cleaning up after themselves! Perhaps if I invest in some Armor All Shield Wipes it would make that task that little easier for them! One thing that I have been neglecting are the Alloy Wheels I can never seem to get them as clean as the garage.

Use Fuel Additive

Sometimes I might in error pickup the premium Diesel nozzle, then cuss myself for depositing the more expensive fuel, however perhaps I should start using an additive in my fuel system to ensure smooth running and longevity of the engine, some additive you can get need adding once every 4000 miles or so, in my case approximately twice a year.

Drive Efficiently

In order to ensure I limit the wear an tear on my car I need to drive at a sensible pace, keeping the revs low and speed down will mean less breaking saving your brake disc wear! For me I am most concerned about how quick my tires wear out, however by regularly checking the tyre pressure you can easily solve this issue!

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