How to: Keep warm inside #heating

I am sure I have mentioned once or twice, that since we have moved into this new larger house keeping the place warm is so much harder, not to mention costly as we are on an oil heating system.

The price of oil did drop recently but its not on the climb back up so what steps can we make to ensure we keep warm now we are bracing for a freeze!

Wrap Up Warm

We have now become accustomed to wrapping up when in the house, something especially important during the day when we don’t have the heating on or in the evening when it goes off. We all have several different onesie’s and numerous blankets dotted around the house!

Non-Central Heatiing

I think it is important to try and keep one warm room, we currently have a portable gas heater, the only trouble is you have to ensure you have some ventilation and of course a spare bottle of gas! However I am keen to take a look at electrical heating to take out these issues, luckily Electrical Guys have this covered with their excellent ceramic core radiators, so I am hopeful that with a small investment I can easily keep this one room warm all year around!

Multi-fuel Burner

Another option that we have been considering is to get a wood burning stove installed into our living room, I do admit however that the costs are so much higher than those previously mentioned, not to forget the additional maintenance you will need to do, what with cleaning the ashes out and keeping the glass clear!

All in all we haven’t seemed to have struggled so much this year, however it has been much more milder so far and we have only had our gas heater on for a few nights. For our main heating we have used that more than previous years, but we have budgeted for this! 

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