How to: Get your garden summer ready #garden

I am pretty sure some of you out there are thinking “I need to get my body summer ready” or actively attaining your ultimate summer body goals. However spare a thought for your poor gardens this year!

For me, I need to get my self trim that’s for sure, but rather than jetting off to the Gym my plan this year is to head to the garden and I don’t mean to give the lawn a quick cut. Its never too early in the year to start the ground work when it come to landscaping your garden, and ours is pretty much neglected year on year!

I intend to head over to Travis Perkins to order a couple of tonnes of Plum slate chippings and landscaping bark. But first I want to pull up some of the tarmac area that we have surrounding our house, with the intention to sink the kids trampoline into the ground and bark line the immediate area.

I would like to then have a nice floral boarder around our external garden wall which will be lined with a chippings walk way. One thing I need to ensure I do is get some quality grass seeds in order for the boys to have a nice lawn to play on as currently the have to go into our external garden area for this!

We also have a raised garden, the intention there would be to order some decking and utilise the space for BBQ’s and relaxation. The Mrs would really like a hot tub up there, perhaps she will have to settle in the first instance for a hanging tree seat until we have a bigger budget! One thing is for sure once the transformation has been undertaken we will have to have a party in its honour! (any excuse really!)

With all that digging and shoveling of materials I am sure my summer body goals will be well underway! 

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