Control Your Life without Even Getting Up

Do you ever feel that, when you have a few days off from work, you could quite easily spend all of them planted on your sofa? Do you ever feel as if you’re being cheated of relaxation time when you have to get up and perform certain tasks, like turning on the lights or switching the central heating on? If you’re reading this and thinking this sums you up, then your life could be completely changed forever, after just a few clicks of a few buttons. This is because the technological advances of today have meant that TVs are no longer the only things found in our homes that are accessed through the use of a remote controller. Some of the devices and services found below will you upgrade your semi-detached suburban home into a semi-detached suburban automated home — judge for yourself if you’re ready to try them out.


Lying on the sofa

Firstly, if you have an Apple product (specifically an iOS device, i.e. an iPhone or an iPad), you can use them to control your lighting, television and heating systems from wherever you are in your home — if you have the right app. For instance, the Nest thermostat is one that can be controlled remotely from your iPhone if you invest in the thermostat itself (you can ever get it delivered to you) and then download the free accompanying app. Similarly, you can buy a Philips Hue set of bulbs, plug them into regular light sockets, download the app, and control your lighting to best suit your mood. But if using your phone to control things doesn’t appeal to you, and you’d rather it just be there for, well, phoning people, then there are a plethora of services and devices to choose from that provide their own controllers. You could, for instance, choose lighting for your house that is controlled by its own remote which connects to a GU10 LED colour changing spotlight and has a working range of 5 metres. That way, you’ll never have to get to grips with the latest smart phones, if that is something you’ve thus far managed to avoid quite successfully.


Phones can now be used as controls

And if wanting to do as little as possible to control the necessities in your home appeals to you, why not even abandon the remote controller and just use your voice? The Amazon Echo offers you the chance to control a host of things just by asking the device to do it: you can play music through it; ask it all the questions your daily crossword has you stumped on; and listen to audiobooks, news reports and travel and weather updates. Going hands-free has a number of other positives too: one of which is that it frees up space in your hands to do other things, like hold drinks.


Amazon Echo

So, if you want to reclaim your right to do absolutely nothing on the weekend, then grabbing a control or even using voice recognition technology could be for you. Doing so would also make the home far more appealing to prospective buyers if you ever wanted to get your home ready for sale.

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