Celebrating with a Bang #fireworks

We have some fairly big celebrations coming up with the mother-in-law celebrating a milestone Birthday! On these occasions we usually get the family together and set off as a group somewhere around the UK.

It obviously takes some planning in order to ensure we are all off work, not to mention finding a place to hold us all can be a task in itself. As it is a special celebration I have been thinking of ways to make the adventure away that little more explosive! 

So I have decided I should attempt to hold a fireworks display in her honour! I was worried however that finding Fireworks for sale this time of year would be a huge hassle, but I was indeed wrong! So what would you recommend for your first attempt at a display? For me it has to be all about the single ignition, surely there is nothing better than just lighting the firework once and sitting back for a few minutes to take in all the “oohs and aahs”.

Although I must admit that you really need a show stopper in any kind of display, something loud, perhaps so loud you can feel it! I like the look of the Flying Pigs Rockets I think I would let them off over a quick succession and that would do the trick! I can remember clearly going to a friends house quite recently and as the finale he bought out this massive rocket! Seriously we where lucky to have kept our eyebrows, but it was epic!

I think it would be a great idea to pop a few corks just prior to the main event and then if my display fails to pass the mother-in-law’s test then at least the wine will be flowing to cover it up! All I need to do know is to read up on my fireworks health and safety, what could go wrong after all!

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