Bring a Classic Car to Life This Summer

With the summer sun just a few months away, could any of you petrol heads out there think of anything better than cruising down the roads in a classic car that you have brought back to life yourself? If this is something you’ve wanted to do for a while because you have become bored of your current car, or only recently gave a little thought towards, then you should do it. However, if your plan is to have it finished in the midst of the summer season, especially if you can’t devote a whole host of time to it, then you need to start as soon as possible. Below are a few steps on how to do so, and a few challenges you may meet along the way.

1951 Siata Gran Sport1951_Siata_Gran_Sport_(5986215701).jpg

First of all, of course, you need to purchase the car you’re going to be renovating — you can find a plethora of perfect options to choose from at ClassiCar Garage. Once this is done, the fun part begins: the restoration. However, however fun it may be for you, don’t underestimate how hard a job it could prove to be, even for those of you who are experienced in car repairs.

Due to the automobile being so old in terms of its age, corrosion could have taken place. If left unused for a long period of time, the car could have been susceptible to oil drainage, which subsequently leaves areas of bare metal unprotected. Because of this you may need to partake in a spot of chassis repair, at which point will need a mild steel sheet metal to replace any areas where the rust of corrosion has become irreparable. More advice on chassis repair and welding can be sought here. There is also the possibility of components of the car having seized up. Brakes are often susceptible to seizing if they have become stagnant. Make sure to click here for advice on how to combat this.

Finally, once your beauty is road-ready, you will need to find insurance for it, specially classic car insurance. Without it, simply, you won’t be able to take your car onto the roads because as, in the case of an accident, you wouldn’t be properly covered if you merely had normal car insurance. As well as this, you could stand to lose out on money if you were to ever be involved in a crash, and given the amount you may have to spend on the restoration itself, you may not have a lot left that is put aside for your new hobby.

Oxford Series II


You may even have it finished before the summer ends, and if you opted for a convertible, then you can have a lot of fun driving your new-classic car in the breeze as the sun shines down. If that’s not enough inspiration for getting the car renovation finished as soon as possible, then maybe the fact the Classic Motor Show is held in Birmingham, England on the 11th and 12th of November will inspire you to speed up the proceedings. However, don’t go rushing through the process of bringing your classic car to life as, one, the whole process should be enjoyed and savoured, and two, a quick job could result in a bodge job, which could have serious repercussions when it comes to your safety, as well anybody else who gets in the car with you.

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