A Post Valentine’s Day Bedroom Change

There is a common misconception for couples that Valentine’s day can be a little overpriced. In truth, you will find yourself spending a lot more money and time on projects that happened after. But are heavily influenced by the way your celebrated Valentine’s evening together. Let’s put things clear here: If you thought that throwing a few rose petals on the bed sheets and lighting up candles around the bed was romantic, you were right. Unfortunately, the improvised décor of an evening can inspire your better half to want to upgrade the bedroom. Here you have it: The true cost of Valentine’s day! It’s healthy to change your bedroom décor every few years, though, so don’t blame it too much on Cupid.

Here’s the best way to approach a change of bedroom scenery:

Change The Bedroom Feeling

It can be difficult when you and your partner have different views on décor and style, but there are plenty of practical things that you can agree on when reviewing the contents of your bedroom. Your mattress is a decision that needs to be taken every few years, as it is not uncommon for mattresses to need upgrading. A new mattress is a significant investment when you are considering upgrading your bedroom, but this is a necessary one: After all, what’s the point of a bedroom in which you can’t have a good night sleep? On another note, most couples, when they don’t share common decoration tastes will prefer to stick to a neutral décor for their bedroom. This is often a good solution to refresh the room without hurting any sensibility; you might indeed have to use a dull shade of magnolia paint, but at least this is a fresh and bright colour that will revive the room.

Make It Romantic But Not Girlie

If you happen to share common tastes in decoration – congratulations on this! – you can be a little more playful. Often couples feel inspired to redecorate the bedroom and give it a romantic feel following Valentine’s day trial. Beware that romantic is not a synonym for girlie; any couple would go mad in an entirely pink-coloured room. But the careful use of colourful bed runners can add a luxury feel to the room. Additionally, some textures, such as velvet and silk, as great in creating a romantic atmosphere, even if you only use them on the bed throw. If you are feeling adventurous, look for antique furniture pieces such as an oversized bed head from the previous century or a large mirror, to bring a classy vintage feel.

Make It Fun And Bright

If you want a dynamic change, instead of a romantic take on your bedroom. You could have a look at some of these ideas for teen bedrooms. Don’t be worried at the mention of teenagers, when it comes down to décor. Teen is another word for bright and colourful. So if you both love bright colours, a creative bedroom in shades of blue, orange and green can be a bold step toward your eternal youth!

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