Wanting to find my own look #diy #interiordesign

I have always said when it comes to finishing our house after the main work and finishes have been applied we should be left with each room looking the same with regards flooring and wall colouring.

Now to some this might sound very plain and boring, in truth it is, to ensure the house lives up to our desires I think it is important we try and find some way of making each room have its own bespoke feature, we already planned to have the normal feature wall in our main living room but now I am thinking of something different entirely, something with a bit more bite when it comes to the execution, something that will give me some more skills in the DIY department.

My thoughts are with the finishing off of our dining room, the room itself is a fair size and has a chimney breast in it which will leave under utilised space either side of it, I have always thought that and addition of shelving for this space would be idea, but I don’t want normal everyday wooden shelving but instead I quite fancy making my own bespoke shelving out of sheet metal!

Of course I would need the right tools for the job, but I have previously discussed my lack of equipment and I really feel the need to increase the variety that I keep, I am still proud of my nail gun and compressor after all!

For me the most important part of the process is to ensure that each shelf looks exactly the same, which I know will be a task in itself as most of the jobs I have done in the house so far and needed multiple measurements as its an old house and none of the walls are truly square! Unbelievably the Mrs is actually on board with me progressing this project!

That is one step better than me trying my hand at plastering! (That was a firm NO! from the Mrs) 

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