Picture Perfect #Camera

We have been thinking recently that we are always snapping away and capturing lots of pictures, its so easy as we both now have fairly modern phones, the only draw back being that most of the time we are walking around with our mobiles memory completely full, meaning the phone starts to lose some of its functionality. 

So we decided we should try and step things up a notch with our picture quality, obviously mobile phone can produce fairly decent pictures, I have a feeling we could strive to do better, but where do us novices start without costing us a fortune?

Luckily enough there are some good guides around for the best budget entry level DSLR cameras. For me I lack the knowledge of what the real difference is between the two, as my mobile camera boasts an impressive 16 megapixel camera, I can remember back to when I had my first simple digital camera and it was an overrated 2 megapixels! The real issue around megapixels is the ability to scale up the picture, for example we have numerous canvases around the house but some of the pictures we have taken would not retain the quality when selected, the higher the megapixel the better the picture. It also helps to cope with editing especially if you are a fan of cropping pictures.

Another bonus with a DSLR camera is the ability to get different lenses to enable you to zoom in closer and from a distance of your subject, I have missed loads of pictures due to this fact, especially those of wild animals (and the kids!)

From what I have read I think it is important to test the water with your first DSLR camera, as you really need to be sure that you firstly enjoy your new toy, and secondly ensure you can get to grips with the new features, once you have honed your skills then you can really open up your scope with some of the more fancier cameras on the market!

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