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I have often mentioned the dilemma I face with regards what to do with my current car when it comes to the end of the 36 month agreement period. I still cannot believe it has really been that long since I drove it all shiny and new off of the forecourt!

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But I have to say, when picking a new vehicle I will have to remember to actually get a feel for the Dealerships themselves, for me my Dealership moved location from a small “shed” to a massive show room, but with it lost some of their personality and helpfulness, but then again once the sale has been made that can lapse a bit until it comes the time again to purchase your next car!

But in truth it could well be me that had the issues, what with having a three hour round trip when taking the car in for a service, perhaps that should be one factor that I need to look at. When I decided which vehicle I wanted, obviously by scouring NCAP safety ratings, all I did was google the nearest dealership. Now however I know I should endeavor to search further afield in order to stir up some extra competition and of course some better pricing structures!

So knowing that I will soon have the decision to make on handing the car back, it is important that I get some independent quotes in. This is where unbeatablecar step in, once registered (which is a couple of quick and easy clicks) you can swiftly get a balanced quote for your vehicle arming you with some all important information to give you better ground to negotiate and really get the competition heated up!

One thing is for sure I really should make better use of the insider knowledge I gained when working for Harley Davidson, knowing the amount of profit and the flexibility that sales representatives have I really should have managed to get the price moved or the trim upgraded for free! I do have another option available to me and that is to buy my next car when I am visiting family in the big city, I know you might be thinking I moan about a 3 hours round trip and we would then be looking at nearly 10 hours, but we do it so regularly it would not impact us as much as its in the right direction at least.

I am sure once I have armed myself with a quote from Unbeatable Car there will be no holding me back, although now I have found their website I am quite distracted by their competitive pricing! Perhaps I no longer need to think about my options again.

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