New Year, New Projects #DIY

I suppose it is about time I add to my New Year aspirations, or should I say ensure they cover that of the Mrs! We are just day seven into the New Year and she is already planning on how best to decorate our dining room, it still however needs to be skimmed something that I unfortunately cannot do, but I have already received a quote (well it’s about twelve months old now!) so I have got it pinned down to be the next room on the never ending agenda.

So now that she has her plan in her head I need to start to tease out the finer points! I do need to do this quickly however in order to take up the great deals available on the solid oak flooring sale. For me however I have not had the opportunity to try and lay solid wood flooring, looking on youtube it does look like a bigger job than that of laying laminate but with a much better overall finish and feel.

Perhaps I should be looking at a half way point? Cheap engineered oak flooring can not only save you some extra cash, but has the same general look as the solid stuff. The bonus with an engineered floor is the laying of it appears to be exactly the same as that of laminate, which for me is a great plus as I already have all the bits and bobs that go along with the job meaning no additional tool costs!

With all that being said I am sure the Mrs will weigh in on the subject to ensure she gets the look and feel she desires! I might have to write a short guide on how to fit wood flooring so next time she says there is a room to finish I can point her in that direction!

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