How Not To Be The Family From Hell When Travelling #Travel #Flying

Was it really June when we where sunning ourselves in the gorgeous Lanzarote? Time has surely flown, but I am sure that the four hours flight for some people must have seemed like an eternity, not for me thankfully! They even waited patiently for the flight to arrive!

Did I have a sleepless night before the drive to the airport? Yes but who wouldn’t after all I volunteered to sit with both the boys for the duration, well at least it saves me from re-reading the emergency leaflet for the millionth time! At least I do not end up worrying about things like travel insurance or passports, as the Mrs always endeavors to get this organised well in advance of the holiday.

So what do you do to keep your children entertained for such a long period in such a confined space? Luckily The Baby Website have published 12 travel hacks in association with Schofields to make flying with you family more enjoyable. Coming up with all sorts of sound ideas for you to pick up for the next time your jetting off on holiday, for us we had several ideas of our own for the journey.

Firstly we had the boys take their own carry on bags, with a comic, top trumps and reading book to keep them entertained, well at least until the food trolley did its rounds and then we picked out some great snack boxes which had numerous packets and boxes for the boys to pick around in! (A great way to waste half an hour!)

Secondly we ensured that our seat was pre-booked meaning I could have one of the boys window side and the other (eldest) on the aisle which meant that I could quickly distract youngest with trying to spot a boat, whale or giant if he became restless (which of course he didn’t…..) While keeping him penned in!

With me taking the reins with the boys on the flight, left the Mrs more time to relax rather than worry about the impending carnage that the boys could cause! So when we landed instead of hurrying to our accommodation to unpack and unwind we had a little moonlight stroll about the resort!

As we landed safely back from our holiday all we had to do was collect our luggage and drive home! The boys quite rightly slept for the duration of the drive home as it was 1 am and a three hour drive!

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