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Towards the end of last year we managed to get our hands on a Playstation 4, I was keen to pick up a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront as I had previously played the beta on PC. However it has laid there gathering dust while the boy play on other titles like Racket & Clank or Minecraft. Although I have to admit I did have a stab at Minecraft and built a copy of our house in the game, it was quite a lot of fun especially when you switched it over to survival, but my interest soon dwindled!

For me I am a hardened PC gamer, I love using a mouse and keyboard over a controller, but recently with the help of Eldest I have got quite into playing this FPS on the console! I must admit I can easily beat the enemy most of the time, but the controller doesn’t always allow for the quick shot reaction that a mouse could! Perhaps I should do some more research into Playstation Mouse and Keyboard adapters!

Not that all that matters, the main thing is me and eldest have some new founded bonding sessions, we mainly do co-op missions meaning we get to watch each others back and share in the joy of winning, especially now we are tackling the hard modes! When it come down to the stats, we can be quite close on the kill counts, in fact tonight I decided to have a little go on my own to see how hard the modes are without eldest – purely for research purposes for this post and not to get extra training in! And unbelievably I couldn’t even get past wave 5, where as with eldest we got to wave 9 without even using a life, we had to start there to get some dinner but I am pretty sure we could have finished the remainder of waves!

I think it has given me some new founded respect and although I might soon be overtaken in skill I am sure he will keep me fairly up to date in the current gaming market!

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