Stop Smoking the Financially Viable Way

Following on from my previous post Holy Smoke, there are some many options available to us today in order to ensure we effectively give up smoking for the long term.

But as ever it is really important to factor in the costs of cutting out the traditional cigarette! I cannot believe that since I have stopped smoking that the prices of a packet of twenty cigarettes have nearly doubled in ten years, So yes in one way giving up smoking should aim to help your pocket but replacing the vice with one that is equally as expensive could hinder the potential for success.

I could have easily smoked a packet a day costing me an average of £3400 per year, that in all honesty is a family holiday abroad for two weeks!

Nicoventures Trading Ltd have a variety of products that should hopefully be easy on your pocket, ensuring that you have the added motivation when it comes to giving up for good. Personally I liked to focus on the good points about finally quitting for good, of course the health benefits you gain are paramount but for me the fact that at that point I had just met my wife, her health was far more important as she suffered with Asthma, so it was vital I gave up to ensure she was not effected in anyway by my bad habit!

I am sure if I was to be giving up now, along with me wanting the best for my wife and kids, focusing on what I could be spending the money on would get me off the cigarettes long term. The way I would work it is take the cost per week, less the expense of any assistance I needed to give up and put the remainder in a savings account, over time the expense should cease leaving you with a nice windfall at the end of the twelve month period.

So a win, win for you and your family, one thing not to forget is that support is available to everyone from your GP to the local Pharmacy! Where we live there is a massive campaign run by public health wales in order to reduce the amount of smokers, aiming a support using different tools and products available. Of course this will not suit everyone and it is important that you as an individual do not think you still cannot go out there and make your own successful quit attempt!

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