Saving and Investing in the New Year #resolutions

With 2016 nearly behind us, for us it has been quite a successful year especially financially, since we purchased our house way back in 2014 we had to take out quite a bit of bother short and long term credit in order to do some of the more important work to make it water tight!

During the last six months we have managed to settle the majority of the short term credit options, meaning that we may actually have surplus money to either put into savings or to invest in 2017.

As this will be the first time we have ever been in this position I think it is very important that we do not lose the money through investments. I will try and find some useful information on the best tactics to take. Glenmore Investments have been around since 1983 and now progressed into online investments, they have a handy learning center, that really gives you a simple guide on how to protect your investment and the best way to ensure you can attempt to gain on your profit, they also have a great dashboard in order for you to make your investment choices!

Of course you can play safe and just save your money in your bank account however, there is not much growth there at all, so what my plan will be for 2017 is to start to clear the longer term lending and then set aside an amount for me to progress through investments, some people think it can be a gamble and in truth it is, however with good research and online courses you should be capable of beating the odds and growing your investment with ease. From what I have read it is imperative that you do not get carried away with your investment tactics, keep them small and varied so if you do get a loss it is minimal.

I am going to hit 2017 hard and try and become more financially stable!

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