New Year, New Car? #usedcar

Back in 2014 we decided to take a giant leap with regards our car, we upgraded from a small red Nissan Micra to a fairly large (the boot was bigger than the Micra to be honest) Skoda Octavia. The good news was the safety rating was superb we even had the additional crew protection fitted, the drive was very comfortable and we all had that little extra room to breath, the bad however was the financial commitment and depreciation!

I was lucky to get the vehicle on interest free finance deal meaning that I was at least paying back the capital outlay rather than the interest accrued, that being said I am now very much an advocate of the second hand vehicle market due to the huge depreciation loss when you drive off of the forecourt! So much so that my current deal end in August, so I really need to start thinking what my next step is. 

I have been doing some research into used cars, RRG Group Ltd have an extensive range ensuring I can satisfy my need for great safety ratings above the look and extras! I have done a quick comparison of my current car and it looks like I am finally at break even point on the finance deal. (Phew!)

All I need to do now is decide which option to take with my current deal, the three options are, purchase the remainder of the deal (or finance it – with interest of course!), use any equity as the deposit on another vehicle (which again could attract interest) or hand the keys back.

One thing is for sure I want to be financially sound in 2017, something we have been working very hard on in 2016, looking at the prices of second hand vehicles and how new and low mileage they are, I could feasibly pick up a great deal and pay that off over a three year period in full (even with interest charges).

Realistically I think I have made my mind up and its just a case for me to do some more research on vehicle safety ratings and doing some actual test drives, then it will be a case for seeking approval from the Mrs! However she has already put a request in for a car come the new year, but for something smaller – however I am sure she has plans for me to drive the smaller car!

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