Holy Smoke: Get The Lowdown On E-Cigarettes


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We all know that smoking is bad for us. Long gone are the days where sophisticated gentlemen lit ladies cigarettes in ornate holders or puffed away merrily in the office. Now in many countries, smokers are banished outdoors and for good reason. Over the years, medical science has proven cigarettes contain deadly substances, cause numerous forms of cancer and ultimately prolonged usage leads to an early death. However, If you don’t want to quit smoking, or feel that now isn’t the right time to try some alternatives are much less harmful. 

If you’re looking for something temporary you could try an NRT or nicotine replacement therapy which are popular for use on car journeys, long-haul plane rides and in crowded public places such as parks. An NRT, usually a gum, patch or inhaler does contain nicotine; the chemical found in cigarettes, as well as help to suppress the desire for this highly addictive substance. Contrary to popular belief nicotine on its own like similar chemicals such as caffeine isn’t dangerous. It’s when it’s mixed with other things like tar, ammonia, and carbon monoxide that the problems start. NRT’s allow you to continue to receive Nicotine, albeit in automatic smaller doses or over a longer period but it’s definitely much safer for your health. If the NRT doesn’t appeal, or you’ve already tried them an E-Cigarette could be the answer.

What Are E-Cigarettes? 

Another popular option is the E-Cigarette where users choose to ‘vape,’ which comes from the vapor the product releases into the air. E-Cigarettes aren’t designed as a stop smoking product. Instead, they are marketed as a smart alternative to regular ones, mind you if you start smoking E-Cigarettes you may gradually lose the desire to smoke traditional tobacco altogether. ‘Vapers’ are looked upon much more kindly by society than regular smokers, plus E-Cigarettes help to reduce your risk of lung disease, asthma, emphysema, lung cancer and pneumonia. They’ll also increase your quality of life because you won’t be coughing all the time, feeling out of breath, and having to constantly wash your clothes to get rid of the smoke smell. Your first question won’t be where can I go to smoke? Or how much! When you see that a ten pack has gone up another two dollars.

How Do They Work?

An E-Cigarette comes in a range of styles and flavors, simulating the smoking experience but without all the harmful chemicals. E-Cigarettes allow users to top up on nicotine whenever they like; they release similar clouds of smoke giving the user the same taste, physical sensation and overall experience as a standard cigarette. They are much more considerate to other people; no one is breathing in harmful second-hand smoke, not only that but in some social circles E-Cigarettes are being seen as the next must have accessory. E-Cigarettes are over 70% cheaper than traditional packs, they come in a wide range of colors, flavors and strengths such as those by nicolites electronic cigarettes, so you can choose the one that works for you best. Better yet, many companies produce all in one starter kits, perfect for new users, that contain the vapestick, or E-Cigarette device itself, refill packs, a USB charger and a helpful how to guide. Where E-Cigarettes stand out is the control is given back to the user, they can self-regulate while enjoying the familiar taste, smell, and sensation of holding something in their hand. 

What Are The Benefits?

The simple fact is that E-Cigarettes produce no tobacco smoke which means there is no strong smell; your clothes aren’t tainted with the smoke, and people can’t pick up on the tell tale odor in your hair. Not only that, over time your car, home, and workspace will lose the smoky smell and become fresh again while walls will start to lose that yellow tinge. Unlike tobacco, vaping doesn’t affect your teeth, skin and nails so nasty yellow nails, bad breath, and yellowing teeth will soon be a thing of the past. Passionate about animals, children or the environment? Smoking tobacco around kids, pets or vulnerable adults can be as bad as a child smoking the cigarette themselves, while smoke adds to the already high levels of air pollution. By making the switch to E-Cigarettes you’ll not be contributing to unsightly cigarette litter, and they don’t leave burning embers which can cause house fires, damage to your furniture or even injure a child who’s accidentally picked up a recently smoked butt.

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