Getting fit for Christmas #festive

Its not lie I seem to be piling on the pounds lately, it is such a slippery slope when you have two lively boys tiring us out, we are always on the go never having a chance to catch our breath so we end up reaching for a quick sweet pick me up rather than something wholesome! (I also drink a fair bit of coke!) Its especially hard this time of year with the lead up to Christmas and all the excess of snacks we have stocked up, there is just so much temptation! So I am thinking instead of having an advent calendar countdown like the boys, I should have a fitness work up to the main event.

Along with the work up I of course need to ensure I am eating right and having plenty of those all important proteins and vitamins. Portion size is definitely a weakness for me, I always end up piling on the extras at meal times, but it does not end there I still seem to be grazing in between!

Thinking about it I really do like the idea of working out up until Christmas, why does it have to wait until the New Year to start to make an effort with your physical health, after all once you start a regime you might well keep the momentum well up into the new year! All I need to do now is find a suitable option which incorporates a twenty four day workout, luckily there seems to be quite an abundance out there for me to check our and review such as the twenty four day challenge over at

Now I have my plan, all I need to do now is put it into place, it might be worth while getting the Mrs on board to be my motivator!

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