Gearing up for Christmas #SALTROCKSOUL

Something I have really started to like in order to keep me warm on these long cold nights is pajamas! Sure I used to own and wear pajamas when I was a kid, but since then all I needed was a pair of boxers. But since moving into this house it is a heck of a lot colder, meaning that the quick dash to the kitchen is more like a trip to the arctic! (And of course the Mrs sends me on this trip every night!)

So I headed to one of my favorites online retailers; Saltrock to see what they had available in the sleep wear department! Of course this was mainly an excuse to check out their great range of clothing and try and expand upon my already bulging wardrobe!

I must admit by the time I placed my order, sleepwear was the last thing on my mind, I ended up browsing the men’s hoodie section for a good while picking out a few tops that I really liked the look of! Been as I need to start getting gifts not only for Christmas but for the Mrs birthday I really had to go back again and swiftly rummage through the ladies hoodies to ensure she didn’t feel left out. (and more importantly she didn’t pinch my new purchases!)

There are many different aspects that I take into account of prior to purchasing from an online retailer, especially true to get repeat custom from me. It must mean they are doing something right! I found Saltrock’s website really slick to navigate, there are numerous filters to enable you to fine tune your browsing experience.

Not to be let down the ordering process itself remains simplistic and self explanatory which in today’s market place is a must. The only negative I can find is that they have such an extensive range available it takes me extra time to decided which items to purchase! They advertise that the standard delivery which is free on orders over £30, takes up to 5 days to come, mine in this instance came slightly quicker than that at three days which was well timed! They even do a free returns option which is being extended for Christmas purchases so you can make returns up until 15th January 2017.

I am sure to make another purchase soon!

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