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So its that time of year again, when we have to start ordering gifts for our friends and family, if like me you tend to leave things a little closer to the wire then hopefully this quick guide is for you!

For Her

Nelsons Arnicare

With all the stress creeping up on you this festive season, with ensuring the boys get what they want for Christmas (well especially for the Mrs) Whats a better gift than Arnicare’s Bath and Massage oil! It is a dual purpose balm enriched with Arnica extract, just put two capfuls in your bath and enjoy a luxurious milky bath,

Once finished in the bath, you can also use the oil to gently massage your body, leaving your skin nicely hydrated and your mind peacefully relaxed.

Maui Jim Sunglasses

I know right, seriously sunglasses this time of year? But honestly giving the Mrs a lovely pair of sunglasses also comes hand in hand with the possibility of taking her abroad, a win win situation for me!

There is such a great range over at Maui Jim, you can even get prescription lenses which for me is fantastic as I usually get stuck with a stand frame style not a more bespoke design. The sunglasses themselves come in a really fetching case and silk feel pouch to keep your glasses safe (but still stylish!) It all really oozes quality and style!

The lenses themselves use patented PolarizedPlus 2 technology which helps to eliminate glare and turn up the colour, wholly enriching your view on life!

Buddhi Bath

We very much live in the fast lane, when we are not working we are going on an adventure with the boys, next year I want to try and slow down the pace or at least take some time out as a couple. I find I can unwind quite quickly when we have a night off of the kids, the Mrs on the other hand takes a while, enter Buddhi Bath the detoxifying Himalayan rock salt.

Simple pour the contents of the pack into your bath and indulge in an intensely magical experience, the salts and essential oils relax your tired muscles and rejuvenates your mind body and spirit, this I think is a must on those rare nights without the kids to totally commit to the experience.

BOGS Berkley Wellies

I have noticed that the Mrs needs a new pair of wellies! We do a fair amount of outside adventuring in any weather so its important to keep water tight but stylish too! The Berkley Wellies certainly live up to that with some vibrant colours on offer.

They have really thought about your comfort not only making them really water proof by lining the wellies with Bogs Max-Wick but by utilising rebound technology in the outsole that provides lasting comfort.

Since we received a pair I have to say they do look fancy, I would not that the Mrs usually takes a size 6 but the Berkley has a tight fit so it could be beneficial if you go up one size, as size 7 really felt comfy!

For Him

Blueguard The Durability Sock

I know its a Christmas tradition in my house, but I hope this year will be the last, with The Durability sock it stands up to more wear and tear than other socks! To be honest socks here rarely live past their second year. What makes the sock so good are the high strength filament polymer bonds that are bound together creating an anti-abrasion yarn.

Not only are the sock warm and comfortable, they really do live up to expectations! Usually socks start to show some ware and tear after a few cycles in the washing machine, mine still look good as new even after a month in! No more Christmas sock for me!

Wingman 3 in 1 Gel

I always appreciate grooming products as a gift, but it seems that male grooming is going to far for me, the endless bottles that all do different things, this year I am looking for change and I think I have found the perfect product.

Wingman 3 in 1 gel not only saves valuable shelf space and room in your over night bag but it also delivers a great product that more than meets any of its rivals in each, shaving, shampoo and shower gel!

The fragrance themselves are pleasant, manly and not over bearing. I must admit as a brand they do stand out, I really like the man facts on the back of the product, such as “Bees can count to four” its really something others do not do!

Gillette Fusion Proshield

With my recent brave the shave campaign under my belt, I know the Mrs will truly want to ensure I keep my beard down to a bear minimum. But in order to ensure I leave enough breadcrumbs for her to follow, I have been leaving not so subtle hints around.

For that extra close and smooth shave I really want to try the new Gillette Fusion Proshield, it boasts lubrication both before and after the blades with added cooling to ensure best results for your skin. Often when I am removing all of my facial hair I end up tugging and pulling (and then wincing in pain) when it all gets tangled in the blade, however the Proshield has some thinner and finer blades to ensure this is kept to a minimum.

To be fair I tend to keep the the Gillette brand but this one for sure I do want to try!

Braun BT5010 BeardTrimmer

Of course along with the above, I do like to keep some facial hair for the most part, and with the Mrs constantly critiquing it, I really need a better alternative to just shaving and letting it regrow haphazardly. Enter the Braun BT5010, it comes with a prescision comb which is fully adjustable to ten different lengths.

The charge time is superb too with up to 8 hours use from a quick 50 minute charge, and to be honest in my case it came pre-charged and I still haven’t had to after several weeks of use! (and I don’t mean quick uses either!)

The sharp blades are advertised as lifetime lasting for precise trimming without pull and tug, going back some years I had an awful electronic razor and it really put me off using it with the amount of pull it had, this has now correct any doubts I had about electronic shavers or trimmers!

Ginvera Marvel White

Zero blackhead marvel gel, for anyone in your life striving to get flawless skin, this is a must this Christmas. The gel gently but effectively gets rid of blackheads without any pain, with green tea extract helping to fight free radicals and block UVB radiation delivering you a fair and more radiant skin tone.

For me I suffered with acne in the past and I am self conscious of the dark scars I have, however this gel has effective but natural skin whiting ingredients such as Cress Sprout and Soy Bean extract which still leaves the skin moisturized.

Although the packaging screams out girl product it is ideal for both the male and female market!

Classic Thermo Parka

I real must for me this year is a new coat! I cannot think of a better place to look that over at Scruffs! Luckily I have received the Classic Thermo Parka to review and I have to say its by far the warmest coat I have ever owned! Which was just in time for the drop in temperature (and my brave the shave!)

The coat itself is made from a hard wearing fabric with a water proof rating of 4500mm – perfect for the welsh country side! There are big external and internal pockets and a few hidden smaller ones around the coat. The fit is relaxed and very comfortable.

You can if you need to detach the hood, but I haven’t felt the need to! Currently is it on sale for £84.95 which is an absolute bargain for the comfort and warmth it brings!

The Dark Knight’ Trilogy SE

This is a perfect gift for me this year, giving me time for me to catch up on the awesome Batman francise, ensuring I will have at least six hours with my feet up merrily watching these films! The trilogy features Batman Begins, The Dark Night and The Dark Night Rises.

Batman definately is my number one pick of superheros, he has it all wealth, strength and tech! And with a certification rating of 12 it wont be long until the boys can happily watch along side me!

For the Techie

RING Dash Camera

For the car or gadget geek in your life (like me!) What better present that a GPS Dash Cam, the RBGDC200 is Full HD with a 14 mega pixel camera. The lens itself has a wide 140 degree angle to ensure you capture a better view while driving. The features that I like best is the automatic start/stop and loop recording feature, meaning you only need to fiddle with the device if something occurs that you need to check on.

For me it’s not just a fun gadget that I have always wanted, I do a fair amount of miles and see some really odd things on the road and something is could be fun to replay those moments, but it has a serious function too, and that is to provide evidence and an actual account of anything that happened in an accident.

Resmed S+

In my eyes this is a great gift for a couple of people in my life! The S+ simply syncs with your smart phone or tablet, it then monitors different aspects of your sleep. It gathers information on temperature, light and noise while you are sleeping and feeds this back to you in order to optimise your room.

All in all the device assists you in getting a better nights sleep, with a gentle alarm that wakes you from light sleep which in turns helps you to feel more refreshed! I think everyone would welcome a better nights sleep!

All feedback is uniquely bespoke, you can even record the things you need to do the next day, leaving your mind clear to get a good deep sleep.

Verve Rider+

Another sure hit with your gadget enthusiast, the Verve Rider+ is a lightweight blue-tooth headset, that handily sits around your neck. The headset has an integrated microphone for those on the move phone calls.

There are many features I like about this headphone system, from the waterproof earbuds to the long battery life (up to 12 hours on a full charge), I always question how far your can move away from your blue-tooth device when looking at gadgets like these, but the range is advertised as a massive 150ft which clearly should be enough to be walking around your house.

I actually really like the look of them, they look very modern with a clean cut look. When on the move you can simply pop out the earbuds and they will hang freely from the neck, allowing you to speak to anyone you bump into. Another great feature is if you loose your headset you can find the last location you connected the device on a map!

Electric Jukebox

We now seem to be entertaining more often and with this new found hosting I am on the look out for something that can offer some great musical ambiance. I usually get stuck as what to offer but with the Electric Jukebox it boasts up to 29 million songs, as for the set up you will be happy to know it took less than two minutes to get going which for any technophobe will be a plus point as all you have to do is plug the USB device into your TV and configure the WiFi settings.

The Electric Jukebox then transforms your TV into an awesome music station! Included in the box is the USB stick and remote control, you get unlimited curated music channels available forever and one years free premium music pass which is worth £52. What I really like is the family friendly option giving you the ability to filter out explicit language, meaning the boys vocabulary remains safe! Searching for songs can be fun too with the voice search function, this is all yours for just £169!

For the Kids


Now where would we be without Haribo there to celebrate the occasion, whether it be Birthday, Easter or Christmas, they seem to have it covered! My boys are definitely devoted fans of the brand and I am sure celebrations would not feel the same for them if Haribo did not make an appearance.

Luckily this Christmas Haribo have their very own festive mix bringing new Sparkly Stars, Merry Snowmen and Jolly Santa’s to join in the festive fun!

Redcandy Dino Lamp

Both of the boys love something quirky at Christmas especially if they get to utilise it on a daily basis, it has been a real challenge to find something this year, however Redcandy have a great range of Dinosaur lamps with the three big hitters, T-Rex, Diplodocus and Triceratops.

Since they have both become Jurassic Park guru’s not only loving the films but also the computer games too, this really is something that can give the little extra wow factor to their rooms, the lamps have a unique origami style finish which certainly adds to its funkiness, it is certain to make other lamps extinct!


We are trying to get the boys back into writing, the best way to get this done is by the addition of new stationery products, especially those geared up for them! They simply go crazy for Smiggle, in fact we recently went to a shopping centre (the boys hate shopping!) but soon they where both a buzz when to their surprise they stumbled upon a Smiggle store.

I have to say there range is immense and includes some ideal items for the boys Christmas Stockings! I am sure that they will become a regular not to mention popular tradition in our household!

The Scooby-Doo! 6 DVD Christmas Collection

I really look fondly back to my childhood and the programs I used to watch, the boy seem to be following me in taste and love some of the classic characters like Scooby-Doo. Knowing how lively they are around this feastive time, the six DVD collection is perfect either as a gift on the big day or as a gift for them during the build up!

My plan is for the Elf to bring this for them next week when they are off from school, meaning I have the generous 9 hours of film to enjoy some peace over the week – after all it is Christmas right?

Christmas Drinks

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Recently reminiscing back to my younger years when we as kids loved to have ginger beer, of course non-alcoholic! But now as adults I must admit I still like to partake in the odd bottle or two of the stuff, however now with the added boost of alcohol! (Hey we all deserve it right!)

I really like the taste of Crabbies Ginger Beer and lets face it they have been around for over 200 years so they sure have things perfected, Now with that being said they have treated us with a new flavour, Scottish Raspberry. This is a truly unique taste – a delicious one at that, it is such a smooth drink that leaves you quite refreshed!

Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine

To be fair on the big day itself I do not usually drink, I like to keep myself available to drive if needs be. This has got me to start trying different alternatives to wine, so I am keen to get my hands on some Eisberg chardonnay this year!

The chardonnay is fruity with a subtle vanilla aroma, the initial crisp apple flavour is finished by a hint of honey, a perfect match for my Christmas dinner!


For the rest of the family Lambrini seems a good option, with several quirky flavours like Passion fruit which is fruity light and exotic and the cherry that is very refreshing. Lambrini thus has the ability to cater for any circumstance!

The drink itself is not overly strong sitting at 5% which is just what is in order especially as the Mrs is a slight lightweight! I think this is perfect addition to a girly night in!

As a thank you for reading my guide I am hosting a giveaway of one Braun Beard Trimmer! Competition ends 19th December, please enter via the gleam below.

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