Braving the Shave #Macmillan

As I write this blog post, I am completely bald! The reason for this is a few of us at work decided to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care Support. By Braving the Shave we are standing proud alongside men, woman and children with cancer. To date we have managed to get our small community to raise over eight hundred and fifty pound towards this great cause which is an incredible achievement.

Cancer does not wait for anyone to be ready, so it is so important that we ensure there is help at hand, so no one has to face things alone. With cancer rates on the rise, most people in the UK will have some interaction with the disease at some point in their life, as you can imagine the cost to successfully run a service of this size is immense and we really need to support their invaluable work, this is why I decided to join my colleagues in raising the money.

It was a very simple process to sign up and start the campaign. Once set up there is a direct link for your friends and family to be able to donate online, along with downloadable forms for donations in person.

We decided on the day we would have the shave in our reception waiting area, as we are a small community people wanted to get involved and watch the brave the shave event live, the local hairdresser came to do the shaving and around twenty people gathered to watch as all the hair hit the floor. It a really great feeling to be helping a charity by doing something so small, and it is so impressive how it can bring a community together, we continued to get donations on the day, and even when I attended a local Christmas fair event afterwards people were coming up to me and giving further donations. I think in the end of the day so many people have been touched by cancer that we can all respect the hard work that goes into supporting people when they are facing hard times.

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