Making furniture safe #safetyfirst

When we were expecting our first child, we endeavored to baby proof the house as best we could, since moving several times, it has always been one of our paramount objectives. When we moved into our current house we went as far as removing an old and rusty (not to mention slippy!) metal fire escape in order to make certain that the kids and their friends would not come to harm (of course how much fun could they have had playing on it!).

From the early days one thing I can clearly remember getting rid of is a lovely glass topped coffee table, I can remember is so well as it now lives in the in-laws house, and everytime I see it I can hear it calling to me!

Even know the boys are getting older they are still not getting any less clumsy, it was only last year that youngest fell over and hit the bridge of his nose on the side of the table, it swelled up making him look like he had a lions face! But thank goodness it was not on the glass top!

It can be a tough balancing act between what is safe for the family and what looks good, however I have recently found out that some of my friends have replaced the glass in their furniture with a clear perspex sheet, this is such a great cheat in order to keep the look, with the perspex you can even get a glass “look” which has a slight tint that really does make it look just like the real thing.

This has certainly got my creative juices flowing and I could quite fancy making some great shelf storage for the boys, by keeping the perspex clear and letting the boys display some of their best collectibles I am sure they could be the envy of all their friends.

There are companies out there that will cut the perspex to your specifications, so once I do my calculations there will be no holding me back! 

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