Losing your keys #windowlocks

We have all been there, rummaging around the house trying to find your car keys, they always seem to be in the last place you would think of (or more commonly in the Mrs pocket!), but recently I have been quite perplexed in trying to find the keys for our windows locks!

As part of a good protocol for security you must not leave your keys in the window locks themselves, something I regularly see people doing, this could potentially void your insurance cover. I am really racking my brain, trying to think back to what I would have done with the keys, after all it was only two years ago when we replace thirty three windows! So somewhere around the house there is a big bunch of keys just waiting to be found!

But if I cannot find them what can I do? Surely I cannot live the rest of my life in a stuffy house! A bit of research revealed that most window locks are indeed a universal lock meaning that we should be able to get a replacement quite easily! This is something that I could have done with knowing before, as in my old house I had to completely remove ( while accidentally damaging it) and refit a window handle as the lock has been clicked on and we where given no keys for it!

Quite handily you can find online retailers, check out an online key cutting service here.

Perhaps I should invest in a key chain, as I have several important keys to keep hold of from front door and car to various work keys all that have the potential to be lost, one thing is for sure if they are physically attached to me they should not get lost! Either that or everything needs to be upgraded to finger print recognition! 

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