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As time flies by it quite easy to forget to renew your ongoing contracts, be that energy, insurance, TV services or communications. For me this meant that both my electric and broadband services have been continuing to run at an out of contract rate for the last month, meaning that I have been paying higher charges than I in fact needed to.

First things first however, when calling to get a renewed deal, its important that you ensure you have done your basic homework in order to effectively barter for the best deal.

I contacted my current energy supplier and quickly renegotiated a deal, which although only effectively saved me three pounds a week (better that the money is in my pocket!) but also the contract fixed the price tariff too.

On to my broadband supplier, I managed to get what I thought was a reasonable deal, however I did not have time to do my homework first, the deal I agreed to dropped the monthly cost by five pounds so I was quite pleased with that. However to ensure due diligence I decided to telephone Sky and see what offers they had on the table, surprisingly they could save a further five pounds a month. I quickly got back to my supplier and cancelled the deal, they advised they could not check on the current deals until the cancellation when through, it was a bit tedious for me to have to go back to them a second time but that is when the proper deal was made, a grand total of twenty pounds a month saving!

In the end I must say that it is definitely worth your time ensuring you are on the best deal after all any money saving is a good idea in the current climate!

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