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It has been a while since we lost our beloved pet dog, she was a friendly and bouncy collie-cross, we often happen across a picture of her or see her run through one of the videos of the kids when they where younger and it brings back bitter sweet memories.

This got me to thinking, we do so much to ensure we keep a good record of the boys growing up, we probably neglect to think about the other special animals in our life, that being our pets. I know I do not have any pictures of the pets we had when I was growing up, and to be fair there is an extensive list, from eight dogs, dozens of cats and four horses, but I have no pictures to look back on which in itself is a great shame.

One thing I have always found hard is to capture the moments you have with your pets especially if you want to capture the whole family together, its clear you may have to bring in an expert. We have all heard the saying don’t work with animals or children so I need someone with the required skills!

For me I did not have a clue where to start, however there is help available on the web and a quick search found Bidvine, a website that lets you get the best quote for your job.

The process of listing a proposal is quick and easy. You start by simply typing the service you are after, for me its pet photography. Then the site guides you through some predetermined questions, such as location, budget and how you would like to receive your pictures.

Once you have listed your job, you can sit back and relax while you wait for the quotes to arrive. Once you have reviewed the quotes and picked the best skill mix, availability and price, you simply contact and pay the professional directly.

Leaving you with fond memories captured to look back on.

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